• How do I place an order with ESSAYNOW?

    Fill out our 3-step Order Form with your paper details, contact info and payment mode; and we are all set to create and deliver your paper on time.
  • Do you guarantee against plagiarism?

    YES we guarantee all our work against plagiarism in all /any form.
  • Do you use scholarly sources from credible online database?

    ESSAYNOW uses scholarly resources from credible online databases. Should you require us to use specific database/scholarly resource, you could instruct us while making out your order.
  • Can I upload guidelines in pdf MS-Word & Excel format?

    Yes, with ESSAY now you can easily upload your guidelines in pdf, MS-Word or Excel format.
  • Do you provide speedy writing services?

    Yes, we do provide speedy service, while at the same time delivering you high quality papers.
  • How will you deliver my paper?

    We will attach your papers to your email in any format you require.
  • When your writers have started on my paper, will you allow changes such as formats, inclusions, omissions & other editing’s to be incorporated?

    Yes, we will give you the feasibility to make changes even while our writer has already started on your paper.
  • Once a writer has completed my paper, do you provide “additional scrutiny” and check-up by a professional quality team? (E.g. a writer/invigilator holding a doctorate)

    Yes we provide “additional scrutiny” for your paper by professional experts as an add-on service.
  • How many years of experience do ESSAYNOW’s writers / senior invigilators have in academic writing?

    Our professional writers comprising of Master’s and degree possess over 25+ years of expertise in academic content writing.
  • Can I request ESSAYNOW to assign my task to the same writer who successfully completed my earlier order?

    Yes, we offer you the opportunity to request for the same writer who completed your earlier work. For this you may kindly provide us details of your earlier order. (E.g. your name, order #, date, contact details), so we can track and allocate the same writer to your new order.
  • Do you provide discounts, bonus & redeem coupons for loyal repeat clients?

    Yes, we offer discounts, bonus, and redeem coupons for loyal repeat clients.