Privacy Policy

Here at we are governed by our confidentiality in dealing with you as our client. The privacy notice carries the rules that govern the personal information collected from or clients. The information is collected from both people who utilize our website services and the visitors who frequent the website.

Collection of information from browsing 
The website is automatically set to acquire information from the various sources that are linked to our site. This information is relayed to our website server. However, the information is only limited to access time, the type of browser and the operational system. The site does not carry out investigative research on who is browsing or any particular identity. The information gathered by the server is only limited to helping the company improve its services and how to deliver more information to the intended users. We are not an agent that collects disseminates and sells personal information.

Details collected When Using Services
In the process of contacting out to us for help with our services, you will be required to give some information regarding your personal information. This includes logging in to our website as one of our clients and providing us with information that may relate to you personally. This information is not investigative on your personal data. Rather it is useful for us in delivering services to our clients. Information such as email address is only used to send the progress and the process of receiving your order. This information is provided using SSSL-certificates which mean they are treated with confidentiality in every kind of transactions. When you visit the site, the data information obtained when making payments such as card and order details is protected and cannot be disclosed to anyone.

We are open and transparent to receive any kind of queries or complaints that our customers may raise. This information is vital to us in learning how we are providing our services. If clients complain, it means we have an area to work on. Therefore, the information keeps us on toes in service delivery. When comments and queries are made to us, we treat them with confidentiality and respect. We understand the vital role our clients make when they request more from us, and we work to safeguard their interests in return. Nevertheless, these complaints should be directly addressed to the company and through the company email. We are ready to provide he much needed information. We do not offer lengthy information or explanations b rather what is necessary and available for our clients. One thing that should not worry you when registering with our online services is that paper details of your work will never be disclosed posted or saved in our database.

Accessibility of Personal Information
We are a transparent service provider who works with access to various forms of information. We have to abide with Data Protection Act 1998. Therefore, ay information held on you can be disclosed to provide; its description, reasons why we would be holding such information on you, provide you with a copy of the information that the company holds of you. The information should also be disclosed to you.
For a company to process any personal information, you have to write a personal statement to accept the terms and conditions to the Support Department. The company deals with such information in an informal and often makes calls in contact of such information. The company also may make requests for you to change some of the information held. However, if information regarding email or logging in detail has been hacked by someone, the company is not responsible, and a client cannot claim refunds. But, if the client can prove that he did not make any payments, but his PayPal or Email was hacked, then the company may offer some consideration.

Link Disclaimer
The company is also linked with other sources from the government and other organizations. Although this limits you to the shared documents, and there are limitations to the terms and conditions of that particular website. This information is available to the users of in gathering more information in a particular area. We treat all kinds of information confidentially and you should not worry as a student that professor and teachers or any other persons will never know that you used the company services.